Zephyr's story | ゼファーの物語


This story was originally published on @NympheaDubois's Twitter to accompagny each images. The four last paragraphs are the most interesting parts.

This is it, let the AIart journey begins! Follow me on an incredible #adventure where some of our beliefs may be put on hold. Aliens or fantasy lovers will be fulfilled. Are you in? 

 We're not on Earth anymore. An native alien is sitting on the verge of a pond. He seems young but perhaps it is my human mind whose made me think that. Big fantasy mushrooms are common species here. Everything is ethereal and sereine. 

 I met alien « Zephyr ». He knew I was looking at him even when he hadn't seen me. We didn't talk per se, it was a telepath dialogue. He kindly invited me into his village! We have a long way to go before we get there. 

I ask my new alien friend if all the conscious beings living on this planet are so different from each other and I « feel » his answer in my head : there is, indeed, a great diversity. 

We are now walking through a forest and suddenly I get chills, but not the pleasant ones... A large aliens family of « Cephalians » appeared on our way. Very smart and antisocial people. Zephyr makes me feel safer letting me know that there is no need to be afraid on this planet because 'enemyness' doesn't exist, nor prey or predators. How exotic! 

 I had just assimilating the fact that humans are able to communicate without opening their mouth when I learned there is no fear to have for our survival. We are now out of the deep forest and have to walk threw a little village before heading back into the woods. It's been hours since we left the #fantasy pond and hunger's growing. My friend doesn't seem bothered though. He then says in my mind : “I never have to eat”. What?! I ask : “Potentially silly question but, you don't speak, you don't eat... what's your mouth for?” 
 He kind of laugh and says : “Breathing, among other things. I draw my energy from the surrounding suns. Eating is a very primitive thing that humans and other archaic creatures have to endure during their physical life journey.” 

 “Have I heard that eating is an outdated behaviour?” A wonderful being flies to us. “Hi, I'm Capucine! I used to live on Earth and chocolate's ether was my thing!” She looks at my astonished face. “You didn't know that fairies actually exist, did you?” 
 Humans tend to think of fairies as cute tiny flying elves, but according to Capucine, they can look more like humanoid clouds. It depends on your acuity. If you don't see anything, you can try something out to know if they're there. First, you're gonna need some treats! Secondly, go to a forest. All you have to do is put a piece of sweet food somewhere and say it's an offering for the fairies. Wait a few minutes and taste the offered food. Then taste another one that you've kept with you. Do you notice the difference? 
 The food given as an offering is supposed to be less tasty! In fact, fairies are known to consume the ether, a subtle fluid that fills everything. Fairies, in the same way as ether or waves, don't vibrate at the same frequency as humans. They're there even if we can't see them. 

 We've finally arrived in Zephyr's charming little village! I ask him how the inhabitants make a living. At the time, they had some sort of money like on Earth, but as that didn't work out, they now use a barter system. Everyone has their own skills and does favours for each other. They don't feel beholden to anyone. 

 After our various exchanges, I remark to my extraterrestrial friend that he seems to know a lot about humans and he replies: “All eyes in the universe are watching the Earth. All evolved beings know you.” “You mean...us? Poor insignificant humans?” “It's always interesting that a planet can harbour life. Some are curious to see what will come of it. Others are pretty sure you'll end up destroying it, like many other civilisations in the universe. It wouldn't be the first time. For them, there is no suspense. Unlike those who are trying to help you and who have faith in your species. After all, you are spiritual beings too, hope is always in their hearts for you.” 

 Crucial question asked to my wise friend after his bombshell revelation regarding aliens knowing about Earth and humans since forever: “Are you saying we're protected?” “Well, sort of. But there are also unfriendly beeings who see you as little bugs destroying a beloved planet. Think about it : humans are in a huge nature reserve. You're only there because they want you to be. You are useful for their own knowledge and experience. You are also the key to raising Earth's vibration, which will benefit the whole cosmos and help other civilisations like yours to rise. 

 “So... aliens are among us? How is this possible? Why don't we know anything about this?” “Yes, they are among you and were there long before humanity existed. We can even say that they created humans by modifying a primate's DNA. Their technology is millions of years old, whereas mankind's is still in its infancy. As for evidence of their presence on Earth, there is a plethora of them. Unfortunately, cover-up by governments is the norm. Whistleblowers, those who know what's going on because their work has led them there, are a great hope for global unveiling.” 

 After these revelations, I feel the need to take a break. I've got a lot to take in. A lot. I trust my friend, of course! Since we met, he's always been genuine and non-judgemental. I feel comfortable with him, but I need to be alone for a while to digest all these informations. I can understand, but accepting is another story. I'm going to need some time. I take my leave of him, thanking him for everything and assuring him that I'll be back to see him soon. He wants to introduce me to his family, and I wouldn't miss it for the world. I just need to find myself and he understands perfectly. Something tells me he's even anticipated my reaction. He knew it. 

Sometimes it takes an earthquake to build new foundations. 

Thank you Zephyr. 

 - End of part one - 

[ DeepL翻訳 ]




 私は異星人 "ゼファー "に出会った。彼は私を見ていなくても、私が彼を見ていることを知っていた。私たちはそれ自体を話したのではなく、テレパスによる対話だった。彼は親切にも私を村に招待してくれた!そこに着くまでにはまだ長い道のりがある。





"食べることは時代遅れの行動だと聞いたことがある?" 素晴らしい存在が飛んでくる。「こんにちは、私はカプシーヌ!私は以前地球に住んでいて、チョコレートのエーテルが私のお気に入りだったの!" 彼女は私の驚いた顔を見る。「妖精が本当にいるなんて知らなかったでしょ? 人間は妖精のことを、空飛ぶかわいい妖精だと思いがちだが、カプシーヌによれば、妖精はむしろ人型の雲のように見えることもあるという。それはあなたの視力によるの。もし何も見えなかったら、妖精がいるかどうか確かめるために、あることを試してみるといい。まず、おやつが必要だ!次に、森に行くこと。甘い食べ物をどこかに置いて、妖精へのお供え物だと言えばいい。数分待って、捧げられた食べ物を味わう。次に、手元に置いておいた別のものを味わう。違いがわかるだろうか? お供え物の食べ物は、味が薄いはずだ!実は、妖精はエーテルを消費することで知られている。妖精は、エーテルや波動と同じように、人間と同じ周波数で振動しているわけではない。私たちには見えなくても、妖精はそこにいるのだ。


さまざまなやりとりの後、私は地球外生命体の友人に、彼は人間についてよく知っているようだと言った: 「宇宙のすべての目が地球を見ている。宇宙のすべての目が地球を見ている。「私たちのこと?取るに足らない人間のことか?"惑星が生命を宿すことは常に興味深いことだ。その惑星に生命が宿ることは、いつも興味深いことだ。また、宇宙の他の多くの文明と同じように、あなたがこの惑星を滅ぼすことになると確信している人もいる。それは初めてではないだろう。彼らにとって、サスペンスはない。君たちを助けようとしている人々や、君たちの種を信頼している人々とは違う。結局のところ、あなた方も霊的な存在であり、あなた方に対する希望は常に彼らの心の中にあるのです」。


「宇宙人が私たちの中にいる?どうしてそんなことが可能なのか?なぜ私たちはこのことについて何も知らないの?" 「彼らは人類が存在するずっと前からそこにいた。霊長類のDNAを改良して人間を作ったとさえ言える。彼らのテクノロジーは何百万年も前のものであるのに対し、人類のそれはまだ黎明期にある。地球上に彼らが存在する証拠については、枚挙にいとまがない。残念ながら、政府による隠蔽は常態化している。内部告発者、つまり、仕事によってそこに導かれ、何が起こっているかを知っている人々は、世界的な暴露の大きな希望である。"




 - 前編終了